Brisbane Drum Exchange has approvals from Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection for the following ERA’s:
ERA 55 – Regulated waste recylcing or reprocessing – operating a facility for the receiving, recycling or reprocesssing regulated waste to produce a saleable products.  (Drum Reconditioning)

ERA 56 – Regulated waste storage  Threshold 2 – operating a facility for receiving and storing regulated waste other than tyres.

Permit Number:  IPDE01490009

ERA 57 – Regulated waste transport Threshold 2 (a) – transporting regulated water other than tyres, in 1 to 5 vehicles.

Permit Number: ENRE00786908

Dangerous Goods Approval: 
Granted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), to approve a reprocessing mechansim to control the quality of reprocessed closed head steel drums for the transporting of Dangerous Goods.  The reconditioning process complies with the Code of Practice Reprocessing Steel Drums as set out in Appendix D of Australian Dangerous Goods Act 7th Edition.

Approval Number:  AUS/BRISDRUM/QLD

for further information on ERA’s please visit the Qld DEHP website:

for further information on Australian Dangerous Goods Act 7th Edition visit: