Drum & Waste Disposal

Whether you have a liquid, sludge or solid, hazardous or non-hazardous let Brisbane Drum Exchange take care of your waste problem.

Under Qld Department of Environment & Heritage Protection rulings, drums that have stored a regulated waste are then themselves regarded as a regulated waste and must be disposed of to a licenced facility.

Brisbane Drum Exchange can collect your drums &/or waste and provide you with piece of mind that all Laws have been abided by.  We will provide you with a Waste Transport Certificate for your own records, taking any further responsibility for your waste.  Brisbane Drum Exchange is registered with DEHP to electronically submit all waste tracking, therefore there is no paperwork for you to complete or to forward to Governing Bodies. 

We believe that Recover, Recycle and Re-using Products greatly improves our environment and takes pressure of our Resources.  Take the environmental safe approach and contact us today for your drum and waste disposal.